Festival Theme Wedding Photographer


Festival Theme Wedding Photographer

If you’re a fun and adventurous couple, who would love to have a wedding that is different and unforgettable then you should consider having a festival themed wedding! I can honestly tell you that everyone who has a festival themed wedding has so much fun, whether that’s the couple, the guests or me as the photographer!

 The venue was called ‘The Barns at Lodge Farm’ and was located in Epping, Essex. 

wedding couple confetti shot
This wedding of C&S was the perfect mix of boho & festival theme.

Your wedding ceremony

At C&S’s festival themed wedding the ceremony took place in a beautiful barn that was decorated with bright coloured flowers, patterned rugs and wooden chairs. Very boho & rustic!! You too could have a ceremony decorated like this

photo of wedding ceremony
couple exchanging wedding rings at festival themed wedding
C&S definitely had style!! Look at that gorgeous dress and those snakeskin loafers

The wedding reception

Why not have your wedding reception in a massive teepee tent in a gorgeous golden field. Can’t get more festival type vibes than that! You could even have mini teepee tents for the guests staying over to sleep in. So when you have finally had enough of partying you and your guests can stumble into your tents to go to sleep. (Don’t worry the teepee tents had proper beds not just a sleeping bag on the floor).

table decor in the teepee tent at festival themed wedding

The boho decor

So much effort went into making all the decorations for this wedding and it was definitely worth it.

The family of the bride & groom were buying rugs & furniture from every charity shop they came across for YEARS leading up to the wedding. 

bridesmaid on moon decor at festival themed wedding
The Groom actually made this moon himself! I was very impressed but I’m not entirely sure this little bridesmaid was.

It did make for great photos though!

wedding couple on moon decor at festival themed wedding
wedding couple on moon decor at festival themed wedding

Anyone for a tractor ride?

This is the perfect way to keep your guests entertained while we sneak off for couple portraits!

sign for tractor rides at festival themed wedding

Bridesmaid dresses

If you’re having trouble deciding what colour dresses you want your bridesmaids to wear why not have each of them wear a different colour? In C’s case this was the perfect choice to compliment the rest of the wedding theme and tie it all together!

bridesmaids in multicolour dresses- festival themed wedding
festival theme bridesmaids dresses

The wedding cake

Are white icing cakes too ‘boring’ and ‘traditional’ for you? Would you rather a cake that’s more colourful? That’s exactly what C&S chose and it did not disappoint.

blue and pink wedding cake- festival themed

Golden Fields

I love a photoshoot in golden fields! If you do too then get in touch and I’d love to chat more!

wedding couple photograph at festival themed wedding
bridal portrait at festival themed wedding
festival themed wedding portrait
festival themed wedding couple portrait

festival theme wedding portrait


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