Notley Abbey Wedding Photographer


Notley Abbey Wedding Photographer

Now the first thing to say here is that I may be biased when it comes to judging Notley Abbey as a wedding venue. In my eyes it is the best wedding venue you could go for… That’s because this was where my husband and I got married in 2021! It therefore has a special place in my heart and makes me so happy to have gone from being a ‘Notley Abbey Bride’ to a ‘Notley Abbey Wedding Photographer’.

This beautiful venue was originally an Augustinian abbey founded in the 12th century. It was one of the most wealthy and influential abbeys in the region. It is located in the beautiful countryside of Haddenham, Aylesbury.

Notley Abbey Manor House

Why choose Notley Abbey as a venue?

These were the reasons I chose to get married there:

  • A beautiful manor house, elegantly decorated.
  • Beautiful grounds and views of the countryside.
  • Your whole wedding day all in one place.

The Notley Abbey Manor House

Notley Abbey has a few options for where to hold your ceremony depending on the size of your wedding. For smaller weddings, one option is to have it in ‘The Abbot’s Hall’ inside the Manor House. The gorgeous antique windows let in plenty of light.

You could also get married in the converted barn which has beautiful chandeliers and stone walls. This is also where your reception will take place.

The third option would be to get married on the beautiful grounds. Although, this would mean putting your trust in the British weather!

Wedding portrait
romantic portrait of a couple on their wedding day
Natural photo of bride laughing

The house has a gorgeous bridal suite that has a wooden four poster bed and an ensuite with a round bath. There are also 6 other rooms in the main house and there is a little outhouse as well which has 2 bedrooms. This is usually where the groomsmen get ready on the morning of your wedding. 

The Grounds at Notley Abbey

The grounds at Notley Abbey are a photographer’s dream because there are loads of beautiful backdrops to take photos. Whether that is the long drive way with trees either side, on the bridge with the lake behind, or in the gardens behind the house, the photo opportunities are endless! I promise we will have a lot of fun taking portraits here!

Wedding portrait on the grounds of Notley Abbey
Photograph of a wedding couple in the beautiful gardens at Notley Abbey
Wedding portrait on the grounds at Notley Abbey
Wedding portrait on the grounds at Notley Abbey
candid wedding portrait at Notley Abbey
Wedding couple at Notley Abbey
Wedding photograph of couple at Notley Abbey

Not to mention the fancy Rolls Royce you can pose against to give a vintage look to your wedding photos. 

Wedding photo in front of a vintage car at Notley Abbey

Your whole wedding day all in one place

As much as I love planning and being organised, weddings can be stressful as there is SO much to think about and coordinate. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your wedding planning like I was and don’t want to worry about transporting your guests to get from one venue (ceremony) to the other (reception), then this might be the perfect place for you to get married! Your closest family & friends can then spend the night with you in the Manor House as well and keep the party going on! 

Black and white wedding portrait at Notley Abbey

If you’re thinking of getting married at Notley Abbey and are looking for your wedding photographer then please get in touch! Use my contact page to let me know all about you and your plans!


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