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Small and Intimate Weddings

If you’re thinking of having a smaller more intimate wedding with just your closest family & friends then I am totally here for it and am the photographer for you!

Why have an intimate wedding?

1) Because it might make wedding planning easier

The guest list can be the most stressful part of wedding planning as if you invite one person you have to invite that other person and you end up inviting people that you don’t really want there just because you feel like you have to. It’s no wonder why these days people cut all of that out and just invite their closest family & friends. After all, your wedding day is all about you and you should invite who you want to!

You might also have family in various other countries. It could be difficult to arrange for them to all come over and so opting for a smaller wedding with just your immediate family might be easier.

confetti shot

2) Because you’re getting married abroad and need to have the legal ceremony first in the UK

Some people may want to have to have a destination wedding but have to have the legal part in a registry office first. If you ask me, this just means you get to have two wedding days and who wouldn’t want that? This is what H & B chose to do.

The couple’s destination wedding is taking place in Thailand but I had the pleasure of capturing their legal ceremony here in Hertfordshire. 

Bridal prep

Getting ready for your wedding doesn’t have to take place anywhere fancy. As long as you have your best friends, some bubbles and some music that’s all you need!

The Ceremony

The ceremony then took place in the registry office local to the couple. It was an intimate ceremony with the bride & groom’s closest family and friends.

The reception

H & B hired out their local country pub to have all their friends and family celebrate them officially being husband and wife. The lovely couple still had a cake cutting, speeches, bouquet toss and lots of dancing!

3) Because you want to get married somewhere special, where you have fond memories

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that means something to you, somewhere you have fond memories of and want to continue making memories with your wedding day then why not hire a marquee and have the reception in your garden. Where’s more intimate and special than your family home?

That’s exactly what S&R chose to do.

They got married in St John the Baptist Church in Little Marlow and then went back to the bride’s childhood home for the reception

wedding ceremony in church

The marquee was beautifully decorated and getting married in June meant that the sun was shining all day for the happy couple.

confetti shot
wedding portrait

They even hired a dance floor so that they could dance with all their guests well into the night!

wedding dancing
first dance

4) Because you want to be able to spend time with all your guests

Sometimes when you have a lot of guests at the wedding it can be hard to make time to go around and speak to everyone. Smaller weddings give you the opportunity to have quality time with your guests, instead of feeling like you need to rush off to speak to the next person. Your wedding should be about doing what makes you happy and celebrating your love with your partner.

bride with guests

5) Because having a big wedding is not for you

Some people don’t like the idea of having a big wedding and it makes them nervous. That is perfectly okay! The most important thing is the marriage. You don’t need a big party to celebrate. You might choose to have a small wedding ceremony and then go out for a nice meal after to celebrate.

This is what A & C chose to do. They got married in Harrow Register Office, we went to Canon’s park for some group and couple portraits, and then the couple went back to their house where they had caterers deliver a lovely dinner.

Confetti shot of wedding couple

However you choose to celebrate getting married, I am here for! If you want to discuss your wedding plans or enquire about your date then please contact me


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